Logitrack has the technical expertise and knowledge not only to provide tailored traceability and quality management software but also to meet our customers’ technical infrastructure needs. Our technical staff all have received certified Motorola training in RF architecture, WIFI, Point to Point links, as well as the associated wireless Bar Code Scanners that are used under this wireless infrastructure.

Logitrack technical personnel have the ability to advise customers on their specific hardware and networking requirements. This allows for smooth integration to assist with IT infrastructure upgrades and prepare for a Logitrack Traceability Software implementation.

Our company has implemented wireless systems in the most difficult environments. These environments include container ports terminals, cold storage facilities, exterior production facilities.

Logitrack’s specialist team offers us the support we need to tailor the system to our existing business practices and work flow. Support staff react quickly resolving any issues to ensure we’re always getting the best out of theTraceabitly System.

Paul Sahota, Valley Select Foods

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