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Logitrack Systems Inc's goal is to provide a total solution to the traceability and quality management demands of our customers. Our aim is to be a full service provider, providing a range of support services including expert traceability consultancy; risk analysis and requirements assessment; customised software and hardware implementations and on-going technical support and repair services.

Our traceability software is designed and developed by our systems analysts and software engineers. It is sold by our in house industry and traceability savvy sales team. It is implemented by our installation experts and supported by our dedicated customer care team.

Logitrack offers consultancy for HACCAP, Global Gap and CFIA audits. We provide onsite support for all external audits.

Logitrack’s Inventory management product has become an integral part of our business, the system/scanner provides us detailed information and stock counts on a wide variety of medications and customer prescriptions” The systems provides us with 'real-time' inventory counts and stock levels.

Sat Mann, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

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