High speed stepper driven system designed to fit at the end of the clamshell filling conveyor. With this system the filled clamshells are labeled once removed from the filler which helps to prevent mislabeling due to product back up. The space created also allows for final checks on lid closures which if left unchecked can create an abundance of problems for labeling and coding. When out fitted with the dual labelers as shown, the system will run without interruption and down time caused by label web breakage and exhausted label rolls. 

Each label head has a low label sensor which will detect when the label roll gets down to the minimum. Each labeler can be set with a counter to ensure that the maximum number of labels is used from each roll. When the sensor detects the low roll the counter clicks in and labels are dispensed until the count is finished. The system then switches to the other label head automatically and a warning light is triggered indicating that it is time to load new labels on the first labeler. The process is duplicated to switch from labeler two back to one. 

The label heads are controlled by one color touch screen and each labeler has its own set of sensors to allow for product detection, label edge detection and low label detection. An optional dual product sensor system is available to prevent misfires due to foreign objects on the conveyor or inadvertent triggering of the sensor. 



Logitrack’s Inventory management product has become an integral part of our business, the system/scanner provides us detailed information and stock counts on a wide variety of medications and customer prescriptions” The systems provides us with 'real-time' inventory counts and stock levels.

Sat Mann, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

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