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Logitrack Systems Inc offers industry leading technology vendors for your inventory and traceability solutions.

Our applications team has successfully  implemented  barcode scanning, wireless and mobile installations, and print and apply solutions  in  variety of industries.  This gives us the ability to recommend the most appropriate hardware and software for your environment and work processes. We partner with the top brands in wireless mobility and keep up to date with the latest technological advancements. We also field test new products rigorously to ensure that our customers can rely on what we carry in our hardware portfolio.

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Barcode Products

Logitrack systems has provided us with a custom software application to allow us to create our own container seals approved by Customs and Immigration Canada. They provided a Fiber Laser printer connected to our Logitrack Scale software to code each seal associating it to each individual container to be stuffed. The scale software is integrated to our Online CRM system that allows our customers visibility of their product location worldwide at any time.

Johnny Sangha, Global Agriculture Transloading

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