Barcode & Printer Equipment Repairs

Logitrack provides complete service and repair for all of the equipment we provide for our customers.  You can rely on Logitrack Systems to be your one-stop source for fast, high-quality barcode, RFID, Spray Printer, and Label Printer equipment repair.

A single call to Logitrack Systems  covers all of your hardware warranty and repair needs.  Our dedicated service team manages the entire repair and return process - even if your equipment was purchased from multiple manufacturers or at different times - so you can focus on your business.

We work directly with leading manufacturers to ensure the highest quality work and genuine manufacturer replacement parts:

Service agreements and extended warranty plans

Logitrack’s Inventory management product has become an integral part of our business, the system/scanner provides us detailed information and stock counts on a wide variety of medications and customer prescriptions” The systems provides us with 'real-time' inventory counts and stock levels.

Sat Mann, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

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