LogiTrack System is fully commited to proactively managing your wireless infrastructure and rugged mobility hand held units. LogiTrack Systems Solution’s Support Team has the combination of hands-on field experience and extensive customer service know-how to get you through any issues you may experience. Our Support Team can help you with everything from answering simple software questions to helping you solve more complex integration system issues.

Support contracts can be setup to provide 24 / 7 support for your companies needs. Our support staff are on call and available for any emergencies you may experience. This includes onsite visits and telephone support as required.

Since installing Logitrack’s Traceability System, we’ve seen dramatic savings in our production efficiency and speed of our production line. The ability to track individual grower's fruit throughout our processing cycle has been invaluable to our company. We have the ability to track specific grades and varieties of fruit. In case of a recall we now have the ability to instantly trace back the origin of the product.

Joe Gill, Fraser Valley Packers Inc

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